Wally's nickname at Marshall’s Piggy Paradise is “Wally Kneival” in honor of the late stuntman Evel Knievel. Wally was so eager for his new life to begin, that he jumped out of an open air trailer while on the drive to the Sanctuary. 

After all the excitement caused by this stunt, our veterinary team closely examined Wally for injuries. Perhaps a better nickname for Wally is “Lucky,” because he only suffered a few bumps and bruises. 

Wally and Sullivan Smalls

Life is considerably less dramatic now, leading us all (including Wally) to breathe a sigh of relief. Wally spends his day making new friends with his piggy neighbors, charming volunteers and helping educate visitors about the necessity of safe transport guidelines for pet pigs traveling the open roads.

Wally is gentle and sweet. He'd do well in just about any pig savvy home. Until that home is found, we will love Wally and make sure that the most daunting stunt he has on his agenda is which mud wallow he should wade into first.

Wally wallowing in mud

Pigs as pets