The pig yoga class took place in Marshall’s Piggy Paradise, with about a dozen human participants and a few pigs. It wasn’t long before the pigs got curious about this strange human behavior. Paisley the piglet and Tippy Toes were intrigued and decided to check things out. However, it was Rosie who wholeheartedly accepted an invite to join in the fun. Since she’s deaf, she couldn’t hear the instructions, but no worries. She improvised.

Rosie came to Best Friends as a piglet about four years ago. She was originally purchased by someone as a “teacup pig,” with the promise from the seller that she would remain under 40 pounds. Since she’s now a healthy 140 pounds, that clearly was not the case. Understandable, given that there is no such thing as a mini pig.

However, there is such a thing as a yoga pig, as Rosie proved.

During the class, the yoga pose “downward dog” was temporarily renamed “downward hog,” though Rosie seemed to have another preferred posture. The class wrapped up with savasana, a relaxation pose. Rosie joined right in, like she’d been doing it all her life. Rosie may never become a yogi master, but she sure does know how to rock a savasana.


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