Recently a nearby animal control officer picked up a stray dog hit by a car. The young heeler mix came to the Sanctuary for veterinary care that could not be provided by a rural shelter. The stray was named Colorado, but in hindsight, a more theatrical name should have been chosen. Turns out our boy is a bit of a drama king.

Colorado squirmed and squealed as our gentle but determined veterinary team assessed his injuries. Based on Colorado's protests, they feared he had a significant injury that was causing him pain.

Nope. Colorado's dramatic protest was just that; dramatic! Everyone smiled a bit in relief as he got the “'all clear.”  Colorado calmed down and trotted away from the clinic with a little road rash and the promise of whole new life.

Today Colorado is living at The Garden, a location in Dogtown Heights. He is meeting lots of volunteers and learning some manners that will help him find a home. He's young and full of heeler energy. It's hard work to hold still. Colorado is eager and smart. He's learned that the best way to invite humans to play is by sitting rather than bouncing straight up into the air.

The perfect home for Colorado is an active one. Bonus points for a family who finds the humor of Colorado's occasional need to be dramatic as endearing as we do.

Saint is still looking for his happily-ever-after

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