Change is hard. Owen was in a loving home when his elderly person could no longer care for him. When the handsome long-haired boy first arrived at the Sanctuary, he was very stressed and scared. His whole world had been turned upside down and despite loving assurances from caregivers, he remained skeptical that everything would be OK..

Most cats at Cat World live in small groups, sharing a room with access to a “catio” area to take in the views and fresh air. Some cats just don’t like this arrangement and would really rather be on their own. Owen fell into that would-rather-be-an-only-child category and moved to a solo suite in Cat World HQ. This helped a great deal and slowly —  very slowly — Owen started to relax.

One hurdle that Owen wasn’t able to overcome in those early days was the challenge of staying relaxed so our photographers could take a photo of him. He would be relatively calm and then, like magic, he went glassy-eyed and scared as soon as a camera or smartphone appeared.

That’s not good! A great photo really helps make that connection between a potential adopter and the pet. But Owen was not having it. Months passed and finally, Owen allowed a trusted caregiver to sneak a photo when he didn’t look so scared.

Fast forward a few months and while visiting Cat World headquarters, I was reminded of just how shy Owen was. This reminder put his progress into context. Camera bag in tow, I went into Owen’s suite to become reacquainted with the handsome fellow.

What a fantastic change! Owen is a purr monster! And as he buried his head in my hands for more petting, he started to drool. That did it. Instant love. Owen is just as sweet as they come, and with just a little bit of patience, he melted into my arms and allowed me to take as many photos as I wanted.

Now though, we have a dozen photos of Owen looking relaxed but almost too relaxed as this toothless cutie just drools in delight. It’s OK, Owen. We know that you are charming and so very sweet. A little drool isn’t going to get in the way of an adopter who falls for your charms. We’ll just have to send you home with a cute little bib.