Rosebud is a large, yet somehow dainty Great Dane mix with the most amazing ears. One moment she is serene and observing the activities in the octagon. Then suddenly those ears swivel and Rosebud tunes in to something happening somewhere else. In those moments her deep brown eyes take on the most quizzical expression as she eavesdrops on the neighbors. What happens next is a toss-up: If she likes what she hears, her ears will swivel back to neutral. If she doesn't, she will head outside to investigate. 

Rosebud listens with interest   

She is truly lovely. As a spitfire senior she enjoys a good romp now and again, but she is also happy to snuggle with a toy on a blanket. Even when she is resting, those ears never quit. She takes her security role pretty seriously. You never know when a lizard could try to creep close or when a treat is removed from its jar. Rosebud is ready for either.  

Rosebud has been at the Sanctuary since 2014 so her caregivers have had the chance to really get to know her. She has a sassy streak and isn't afraid to let other dogs know about the way she wants things done. She has mellowed with time and training, but Rosebud likes who she likes, and that's not apt to change. She could be adopted into a home with other dogs, but not just any dogs. If you are interested in adopting Rosebud, our adoption team can help figure out if Rosebud would work in your home.  

Play time means fun!

 In the meantime, we'll continue to love Rosebud and provide her with all the care she needs while that special someone finds her. Hopefully, someday very soon, someone will realize that Rosebud could be their perfect companion and that life could be enriched by having the company of this very special senior.