Yuma is clearly a volunteer favorite, and now I understand why. My husband and I recently had the opportunity to spend time with Yuma on an outing and sleepover. She enjoyed riding in the backseat of the car with my husband and settled quickly into his lap to be cuddled while she observed the sights and sounds passing by. 

At the cottage, she explored every square inch and acted like she had been there before, because she immediately took her place on the couch. I am guessing she has spent time in many of the cottages and cabins accompanying other volunteers. 

Yuma on the couch

When we decided to take some pictures of her, Yuma struck a pose and smiled in a way that would brighten anyone’s day. She is very photogenic! This girl is such a love bug! All she wanted was to be by our side, be cuddled and be offered the occasional treat. 

She is very treat-motivated and showed off her talents by sitting or lying patiently as she anticipated her reward. When she heard the treat bag, she would instantly go through her repertoire of tricks hoping that one of them would earn her the coveted reward. 

Yuma deserves her forever home with her forever person who can give her all of the attention she deserves.