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Every animal arriving at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is an individual — each one with a unique story to tell. Many are inspirational. Some are funny and adorable. More than a few are downright extraordinary.

These short vignettes, which you’ll find on the Scoop, provide a glimpse into these animals’ lives and into the innate courage and optimism that make them so wonderfully unforgettable. And, they reveal what makes the Sanctuary such a magical place — a beautiful safe haven where pets wait for loving families to take them home.

Please enjoy the Scoop, and come back often for new stories and updates about these amazing animals, and the lives they touch. Thank you for being part of their incredible journeys.

Did you know any of the animals before they arrived at the Sanctuary? Did you volunteer here and meet an animal who stole your heart? To share your thoughts, feel free to comment directly on a story or, if you'd like to contribute* your own story, please email

*All contributions will be reviewed. We'll email you if yours is featured.


Can I adopt an animal directly from the Sanctuary Scoop website?

If the pet featured in the Scoop is available for adoption, you’ll see an “adopt” button right there on the page. Just follow the onscreen prompts to complete the survey, and an adoption specialist will be in touch shortly.

What is a sponsorship gift?

A sponsorship gift is a one-time gift of $25 or more made in honor of an animal at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. You can sponsor an animal in your own name or as a gift for someone else.

How does my sponsorship gift help?

Sponsorship gifts go right to work helping animals to find homes, receive the medical care they need, and enjoy the love and companionship they’ve always deserved. Sponsorship also supports spay/neuter programs, legislative and public education, and much more. In order to make sure that your gift has the greatest impact and helps save the maximum number of lives, its use will not be restricted to the individual care of your sponsored animal, but will go wherever it is needed most. As you may know, nearly 5,500 dogs and cats are killed in shelters across the country every day, but together we are changing that. Your gift helps to Save Them All.

Which animals can I sponsor?

You can sponsor any of the animals featured here on Sanctuary Scoop or choose any adoptable animal at the Sanctuary!

Can I have a card sent to my gift recipient?

E-cards and downloadable printable cards are available online when you make a sponsorship gift. Cards mailed directly by Best Friends are sometimes available for select pets. To find out if a particular animal qualifies for this option, please contact donor services team directly at 435-644-2001, ext. 4801. Cards may be available for a limited time only.

I’d like news about a particular animal. Can I suggest a Scoop subject?

Yes! But please keep in mind that with so many animals here at the Sanctuary — around 1,600 on any given day — we’re not able to guarantee an update on each one. Of course, we welcome all inquiries and will provide as many updates as we possibly can. Please email to request a Scoop or update.

Can I help my sponsorship animal get adopted?

Definitely. Sharing your story is one of the best ways you can help an animal find a home. Just go to your animal’s Scoop page and click on any of the social media icons to spread the word.

Can I make a monthly sponsorship gift?

Sponsorship gifts are for one time only, but you can sponsor as many pets as you like, as often as you like!  You can also be part of a year-round giving program by becoming a Guardian Angel — sign up right here.

If my sponsored animal is adopted, can I get in touch with the family for news and updates?

We honor all requests for privacy from new adopters; however, occasionally we’re provided updates that we share in our magazine, website or on Facebook. Be sure to check all three!

Thanks again for being such a good friend to the animals here at the Sanctuary and around the country.

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