A quinceanera is a rite of passage for girls of Latin American decent when they turn 15 years old. It signifies the transition from young girl to woman. But why should such a landmark occasion be limited to humans? The folks at Cat World recently thought outside the box when they decided to celebrate Juanita’s 15th birthday with her very own quinceanera. Such a feline princess deserves nothing less!

Tortie Juanita is ready for her party

The tortie-colored polydactyl was originally rescued in Massachusetts after she became semi-incontinent due to bladder stones and was diagnosed with tail paralysis which resulted in an amputation. However, that was just a stepping stone on her way to the Sanctuary, where she now lives in a private suite at Cat World headquarters.

Staff didn’t shirk their duty when it came to Juanita’s birthday preparations. Like any young girl celebrating her quinceanera, she had a lovely full-length dress. Staff sang happy birthday, while she sat on her “throne.” There was a white cat piñata, a Fancy Feast birthday cake and even presents.

Juanita even had a pinata for her party

However, one gift stood out among the rest. Cat World caregiver Heather Henley has a special connection with the birthday girl. So, when she found a human-sized friendship bracelet with a matching kitty collar, she knew that would be the perfect present for her BFF (best feline friend).

Though the pair share a special bond, Juanita would love nothing more than to be adopted into a loving home of her own. Who knows, there’s still plenty of time to start planning for her sweet 16 party.