Every day the veterinary staff is presented with something new, such as a dog with a unique set of medical challenges, or a new orphan bird at Wild Friends who needs help. It’s part of the fun of caring for so many different kinds of animals here at the Sanctuary. There is never a dull moment.

But what do you do when you learn that a couple of the koi in the welcome center pond are not feeling well? If you are Dr. Nova, you dive right in. OK, not literally — but you do dive into researching koi health and healthy pond environments. And then you get some help and just like MacGyver build a temporary koi tank in the Best Friends clinic, so you can care for Bubble Yum and Swedish, the two koi that were feeling bad.

Temporary koi pond at the clinic

Turns out that they both had a bacterial infection and are being treated with antibiotics. They are on the mend, but Dr. Nova found during her research that we could improve the lives of all the koi in that pond with a couple simple changes, namely more oxygen in the water and less debris. So, as a result, all the koi will enjoy a healthier environment.  

Just another “day in the life” here at the Sanctuary.