This summer, Gray Dancer moved outside into a spacious aviary with her pal Ramses. This outdoor protected flight gives both birds room to spread their wings and live with a little more independence. 

Having the space to choose if they want to interact with human visitors is precious to birds who have lived in smaller cages. Stress levels go down when the birds don't have to be handled when they don't need to be.

Gray Dancer on a swinging perch

Time to clean their aviary? No problem, Gray and Ramses will just fly over to the opposite side. Have treats? Well now... Gray Dancer edges closer and Ramses observes her behavior and slowly learns that people aren't really that bad, especially when there are treats involved!

Ramses on the right and Gray Dancer on the left

Gray Dancer has room to use her wings and the companionship of Ramses in the aviary. And someday soon we hope she'll have one more thing - a home of her own.