Bandit is an acrobat, who is very skilled at jumping and balancing. When it comes to humans, Bandit seems to prefer to balance on your back when you are trying to take photographs of other pretty kitties. She launched onto my back from a couple different spots around the room. And let me tell you: this girl can stick those landings!

Bandit didn’t mean any harm, and (truth be told) after the surprise of the first pounce, I was giggling and laughing over her antics. Once I turned the camera on her, she ceased her acrobatics and we had a nice visit. She is lovely and silly, and her little face looks like she is constantly blowing a raspberry, cause her little tongue is almost always peeking out.


Senior calico Bandit loves people and would love to have a home of her own.
Bandit is an active senior calico cat.


She is a bit more than 10 years old and is in great health ― perhaps because of her active fitness routine. Bandit came to us from an overcrowding situation. This little lady craves human attention. She would love to be in a home of her own and will steal your heart if given half a chance.