Martha played a trick on me. She was usually one of the first cats to say hello, but I couldn’t find her. Finally, after greeting every other cat living in Martha's cattery at Cat World, the princess finally came out of hiding to say hello. 

She had been happily tucked between a sturdy kitty castle and the cat-sized doors that lead to the enclosed catio. Evidently, monitoring the coming and going of all the other residents of the room was a priority. They were probably doing something wrong and she had to set the hooligans back on their proper path. After a brief visit and chin rub, Martha returned to her duties and tucked herself right back into her fort.

Martha tucked back in her fort.

Martha has lived most of her life here at the Sanctuary, and we dearly love her little wobbly ways. Why she hasn’t been adopted is a bit of a mystery to me. Martha could easily live in a home of her very own. She has a mild neurological issue that makes her gait unsteady, and she needs a smaller litter box or pee pads instead of a regular big box. That’s not a very big ask. 

She is really pretty easy to please. She needs love (when she wants it), a sunny patch of ground for napping and a hidden corner when she needs a little alone time. 

In return, Martha will be your little shadow, and you’ll have the sweetest kitty with the most beautiful eyes and playful gentle nature. She’s a treasure that we’d really love to share with someone who will love her as much as we do.