One of the first things you notice about LaQuita is what he doesn’t have — lots of bright blue feathers. But not having lots of flashy feathers doesn’t dim the charm of this cheery macaw.


LaQuita, around 40 years old, is a blue-and-gold macaw who has traveled with his best friend, Kaimi, all his life. And throughout that life together LaQuita has been the most attentive buddy a bird could ever have, except that he gets a little obsessive about grooming. So he has overgroomed himself, and if given a chance, he’ll overgroom Kaimi, too!


LaQuita gently grooms Kaimi

LaQuita is friendly and funny. He has lived in Wyoming, Hawaii, California and now Utah. He and LaQuita are looking for their next adventure. The pair will brighten up a parrot-savvy home and bring that lucky family years of companionship, love and laughter.