Alice continues to flourish under the nurturing guidance of her caregivers. Every day this quiet unassuming girl shows her more confident side a little sooner than the day before. Alice is much less prone to startle, and loves to accompany her “boyfriend” Holy Moly on walks with volunteers and a caregiver. 

Alice and Holy Moly relax.

Dog park day is always fun. Alice gets wiggly on the walk to the park. Once she’s inside and as soon as she’s unleashed, off she gallops to explore. It doesn’t matter that she’s visited the park the week prior. Something might have changed, and there are always new smells to investigate. Eventually she makes her way back to where her people are. It’s a fun time for all, and nice to see Alice relaxed and happy. 

Alice getting some love.

Alice still has some behavioral challenges. She will always need thoughtful handling and support, but if you have a quiet home and like routines, Alice could be your girl.