Imagine having a chronic cold that lasts for months on end. Now imagine waking up one day and finally feeling that desperately sought-after sweet relief. What a wonderful day that would be.

After months of treatment at the Sanctuary, a cat named Peekaboo had that day. And now that she’s finally caught a healthy break, she’s enjoying all the things she missed out on while she was too busy sneezing and tending to her runny nose to pay attention to anything else.

The five-year-old calico cat came to the Sanctuary from an overcrowded home about eight months ago. Because illnesses can spread quickly among cats in overcrowded environments, it was no surprise that Peekaboo arrived at Best Friends with a cold. But this was no ordinary cold. It was more like a long-lasting and recurring kitty flu, and it would take a lot of treatment and TLC to get her feeling her best again.

Calico recovers from upper respiratory infection

From the moment she arrived at the Sanctuary, Best Friends vets and Cat World caregivers gave Peekaboo the best possible treatment to ease her symptoms and to root out the underlying cause of her illness. Each day, she received medication and a nebulizer treatment to help with her breathing. Caregivers watched her carefully to make sure her cold wasn’t getting any worse and to note any signs of improvement. She got frequent vet checkups, as well as baby food and treats to entice her to eat enough every day.

Now that Peekaboo is feeling such sweet relief, she meows a happy little greeting when she sees visitors and her favorite caregivers. And instead of sneezing, she rubs, purrs and rolls around at their feet.

You can read her full story and see more photos here.