Dogs are full of love — which might be the reason we humans feel so connected to them. Raquel is a shining example of a dog with more than her fair share of love to go around. While it might take some time for Raquel to let you in her circle, once you’re in, you’re in.

November marks Raquel’s five-year anniversary at the Sanctuary after coming from a rescue group in Michigan. Since her arrival, she’s stolen plenty of hearts. She excels in agility and obedience classes and (at a mere tap of the chest) jumps into the arms of her caregivers.


She’s eager to please and full of energy for walks, yet calm enough to snuggle if you’re tired.

Although Raquel may react to people at first, she has many other friends besides her caregivers. After a few days of treats through the fence, she is ready to hang out with interns, trial workers and any staff member looking for some extra love. While her love for her people extends to the edges of the earth, she does prefer to be a single dog.

Raquel, who caregivers think is around six years old, still has plenty of time to spend with a new family. Unbreakable bonds are her specialty. If you open your home to this sweet girl, she is guaranteed to open your heart to a world of love that you may not know exists.