I made a friend. She’s a little unconventional, but she is easy to talk to. I stopped by to see the new kid at Marshall’s Piggy Paradise while she was in quarantine. She makes a great first impression.

Teacup pigs are smart critters. Some folks think they are smarter than dogs. Pickles has finished up her quarantine and is now working on her ‘pig’ skills. She is super with people, but integrating with the rest of the sounder (that’s what a group of pigs is called) is a little confusing for her. Her devoted caregivers will help her make this transition as easily as possible, and soon enough this little gal will be playing with new friends.

If you think that this little darling would be a good addition to your family, please do your research. Pigs can make fantastic companions, but they are not dogs or cats and need care that is specific to their unique and charming needs.