Update - Oleander has been adopted! ~Wendy

Oleander lives with a cat named Nicky, who has some quirky neurological issues that sometimes make him behave oddly.  Odd behavior is generally a weakness in animals, and that weakness sets off all kinds of alarms that can result in an animal being ostracized or even attacked by his or her own kind. Survival of the fittest makes sense in the wild, but not so in the Sanctuary where everybody is safe.

Oleander shrugs off Nicky’s occasional oddness and lives happily with him at Cat World headquarters. One-and-a-half-year-old Oleander arrived in April of 2016 and is a healthy young fellow. He’s a big leggy guy, and goes from shy to bold in about three seconds.

Leggy Oleander roams his cattery.

I’m particularly fond of him, and his friendship with Nicky is a gift. It would be wonderful if they could be adopted together into a home that embraces quirks and doesn’t mind providing a little extra care for Nicky, Oleander would be an easy fit into any home.