Danica has been doing well at the Sanctuary. As the weather gets a little cooler, Danica likes to perch on top of her blanket strewn bed and visit. She is still a little wary of new people, but her fear has diminished and she warms up quickly when those new folks give her a little time to check them out.

Fun days at Old Friends (her home at the Sanctuary) include leisurely walks, weekly lunch dates with a local volunteer and the occasional wild romp at Tara's Run with doggy friends.

Danica and Itchy play

Danica's most recent runmate was adopted, leaving caregivers with the task of finding her a new friend. Fortunately, her caregivers know her type (Danica likes male dogs who are a bit on the shy side) and it's only a matter of time before she is matched up with a buddy. 

Hopefully soon, Danica will be able to snuggle in the loving arms of an adoptive family. She's ready to go home, and she'll be an amazing lifelong and loyal friend to just about any family willing to love her in return.