Benton's lobby at Cat World has its fair share of flirty felines. But with the flick of her lanky outstretched paw, Zima beckons every visitor closer. 

Tufted toes waggle their invitation. Zima is gentle, the game of 'gotcha' never goes beyond snagging her willing victim. At less than two years old, Zima is eager to play, and her blue-green eyes sparkle at the prospect of a new round of fun. 

Zima came to the Sanctuary from a partner in California. This stunning beauty would have been adopted in a heartbeat, but she was born with a congenital issue called Manx Syndrome that makes finding the perfect home a little more challenging than most.

Soft and sweet, Zima is ready to go home.

This fluffy beauty doesn't let a little thing like incontinence get in the way of her fun. While the humans in her life will need to be understanding and committed to helping her with her bathroom needs, Zima will spend her life loving them, entertaining them, and being the best little listener in the world.

How to care for an incontinent cat