Yin is a darling tuxedo girl with curiosity to spare. 

She's a youngster at just a bit under three years of age. But she packed a lot of adventure into those early years. She was a stray in a community about an hour from Kanab UT. Yin was rescued, but they discovered she had stomatitis, so she came to Best Friends to get the care she needed to feel better.

Yin likes to be involved with every activity.

Yin was treated and is feeling great. So great that she made taking photos of her friends in Cat World a little more challenging than usual. After I submitted my gear and my bag for inspection, she shadowed my every move 'helping' with all aspects of feline photography. Things that usually take only 30 minutes or so took a smidge longer. Like twice as long. But I'm not really complaining. Yin is delightful and the day was that much more fun sharing it with this impish kitty.

The cat tower makes a good spot for Yin to watch everything.

Yin will do well in just about any loving home. You'll be lucky to have her, and it's almost certain that any hobby you enjoy will be that much more enjoyable with her 'help'.