Written by volunteer Kim 

Wynonna very much likes being with her people, and she thumps her tail so hard when she spots friends she knows, that it sounds like a beating drum. We had the privilege of visiting with Wynonna several times over the course of two months via outings and sleepovers.

While she can be a little anxious and transitioning from one activity or place to another can take some time, once Wynonna is comfortable, her delightful snuggly side shines through. She is a wonderful walking partner and enjoys having the warmth of the sun on her face.

Wynonna enjoys car rides. In fact, she enjoys them so much that once she is in the car, it’s hard to get her back out. When she rides in the car, she places her head on the back headrest and watches the world go by, sighing now and then as her eyes become sleepy. When the car stops, she doesn’t want to get out and doesn’t want the ride to end.

This little girl absolutely stole our heart. We have two rescue dogs at home now, so we thought: “What’s one more?”  But based on what caregivers know about her likes and dislikes, sadly, our pets wouldn’t be a good match for her.

Wynonna will make an amazing companion for someone who lives in a quiet, low-key environment and has the patience to give Wynonna the time she needs to adapt to new situations.  She is so worth the effort, and she has waited long enough for her forever home. Wynonna will reward you with all the love she can give.

And that’s a lot!


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