Pet bunny basics: Rabbits can be amazing pets. But their care is very different than cats or dogs. Take some time to learn about their special needs before bringing home a hoppy new friend.

Harley, Quinn, and Ping are originally from Idaho. It soon became clear that this trio, rescued by an in-home bunny rescuer, would need veterinary care that could best be managed here at the Sanctuary. So the three bunnies, each in the four to five-year-old range, made the trip to Utah.

Bunnies only breathe through their noses, so while a stuffy nose for a person can be unpleasant, it can be life-threatening to a rabbit. Harley and Quinn both have upper respiratory issues that cause constant runny noses, which require that they are nebulized once or twice a day.

Nebulizing involves putting the bunny into a blanket-covered carrier where saline solution is pumped through the nebulizer into the carrier to create a sauna-like atmosphere, minus the heat. The saline solution helps clear up sinuses and improve breathing.

Though Harley and Quinn have these upper respiratory issues, they don't let that slow them down. These bunnies love to run around, but their play activity must be limited to a dirt-free area to prevent dirt from getting into their noses.

They love to cuddle next to each other and Ping loves to lay between his two ladies in the cuddle puddle. Right after caregivers finish cleaning their areas, they enjoy tearing all the hay out of their boxes and rearranging runs to their liking.

Harley, Quinn and Ping love treats and will check to see if one is available anytime someone walks by. Since all three have bonded, they can only be adopted together. They would make lovely pets in a home where they have room to do zoomies, binkies, and be spoiled (in moderation, of course) with treats.

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