Hazel rests near a frozen pop bottle to cool down.Hazel, a caramel brown bunny, came from a hoarding situation in California. Despite a poor beginning in life that included unsanitary housing, poor nutrition and little interaction with humans, Hazel is making rapid progress. He is appreciating his fresh new start and is really starting to shine.

I met Hazel the other day while he was resting near a frozen soda bottle, stretched out as long as he could be. Team Lead Samantha said it was a little too warm for Hazel, so the frozen bottle was a way for him to cool down ― clever and obviously effective because Hazel was looking pretty content.

What I find most endearing is that Hazel is not really shy (by bunny standards). When I opened his door, he retreated for a minute or two, saw that I wasn’t an immediate threat and then bounded right over to me.

This guy was meant to be somebody’s house bunny. He’s going to be a wonderful little friend for a person looking for a quiet companion.