It’s tough to be friendly when your feet hurt. When the simple unavoidable process of walking causes pain, it’s difficult to be cheerful and playful. And if that pain usually gets worse when people touch your feet, well then the sensible thing to do is to stop people from touching you. It’s the only safe solution within grasp. 

That’s what life was like for Coraline. Coraline was declawed, and that surgery might have saved a couch, but it stole her comfort and robbed her of a home. The silver lining of this story is that Coraline is now at Best Friends. It became obvious that Coraline was not an angry cat, she was a cat enduring chronic pain.  

You can read more about her story here and her progress. She is feeling much better thanks to medication and thoughtful caregivers. Coraline is starting to unlearn that it hurts to be held. She is being very brave every time she allows chin rubs, and slowly but surely she is even remembering how to play.

Coraline getting some love

We’ll be here to care for Coraline until she is adopted. And she will be. She is a very special cat who will flourish in a home of her own.