Zorro was living his life as a community cat when the colony’s caregiver noticed he was injured. He had a broken front leg and a serious shoulder wound caused by a BB gun.

When he arrived at the Sanctuary, Best Friends veterinarians found something else: In addition to his injuries, Zorro has a very serious heart murmur.

Zorro watching birds

Zorro is very friendly, and loves all the attention he gets at Cat World. Despite having once lived outside as a community cat (or perhaps because his colony had an excellent caregiver), he isn’t the least bit shy or stressed out around people. He could charm the socks off even the most dedicated dog person, and he is simply irresistible when he rolls onto his back and reaches out a paw to greet visitors.

Zorro helping around the office

Zorro would make an amazing family pet.  His heart condition may limit his days, but each day spent as a loved and cherished member of the family would be priceless.