The cats calling the Calmar lobby home are some of the friendliest faces you will ever see. Three-year-old Heather is no exception, but she is exceptional. Heather got the short end of the lucky stick. But she doesn’t know that, and because of her example, you will see right past her challenges and right at her spunk and drive.

A network partner in Wyoming contacted Cat World about a kitty in their care who just wasn’t going to find a home because she had too many cards stacked against her. So Heather was brought to Best Friends. 

Mostly blind and with a “good” eye that isn’t all that good, Heather also has the feline leukemia virus (FeLV) and the feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV). If that wasn’t enough, she also has a heart murmur! Just one of any of those challenges would be plenty, but Heather defies all odds by being a mischievous, fun-loving and very social kitty.

I’m always a little in awe at how well she navigates her space. With both of my eyes in fairly good working order, it’s all I can do to not bump into half a dozen things. Yet, sailing by me down the hall is common, when Heather is on a mission. She walks with purpose, whether it’s to check out a new person entering Calmar, or more like a guided missile when she thinks she hears Papaya getting a treat.

Heather has poor vision, but no trouble finding a toy.
Heather has fun with my mug

But on this day, Heather was fascinated by my Best Friends coffee mug.  Caregiver Amy put a small plastic ball in the empty mug, and it made a funny scratchy noise that fascinated Heather. I watched Heather closely and I think she may have a little bit of vision. I just can’t explain her ability to dip her paw into the mug, scoop out the ball and then chase it when it bounces.

Amazing Heather is is a great example of how attentive care makes it possible for cats with multiple medical issues to have a great life. Anyone who meets Heather can see that this cute little bundle of black fur is a party on legs. We are so happy to care for this special cat, but we also hope that the day comes when we can pack her up with her favorite toys and send her to a home of her very own where she can live out her days being someone's cherished furry friend.



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