Anyone who has visited or toured the Sanctuary will likely remember Helen. The delicate Arabian mare has called Horse Haven home since 2011. She is the color of a new penny and has an unmistakable head tilt that makes her easy to spot, even among her same-color equine friends. 

Helen is blind. Whether that blindness is complete, or if she can still see some play between light and shadow is debatable. Her head tilt is evidence that at some point she had partial vision in one eye, and by tipping her beautiful dished face she could make the most of the sight she had. 

When Helene hears a friendly voice calling her name at the fence line, she can zero in and navigate to that person unerringly and without hesitation. She can zoom across her pasture with grace, leaving visitors scratching their heads in wonder of the way this pretty mare has adapted to life without vision.

Helen and Felix stretching their legs.

But at times, Helen can lose track of her pasture mates when they are snoozing quietly in a shady spot. Helen gets worried and will walk in large determined loops while listening for her friends. Fortunately, it doesn't take too long for a snort, or the swish of a tail to give away their location and Helen can rejoin her companions.

Helene is adoptable as a pasture pal. She will need to join a tolerant herd of horses that will keep her company and help her navigate a safely fenced enclosure. At 19 years old, Helen has many good years ahead of her. She is calm, friendly and enjoys attention. This beauty deserves a wonderful home with a family who has love to share with this very special horse.