Willow is a soft and sensitive potbellied pig, who hasn’t always known that she was a pig. For years, she was in a home where, as an “only pig” she had the companionship of the family’s dog. Sadly, that canine friend passed away, and Willow began to act out and become destructive, which resulted in her having to be rehomed.

When Willow arrived at the Sanctuary, she was a little confused and didn’t know how to relate to other pigs. That may sound like a strange problem, but it’s more common than one would expect. Pigs are incredibly social and flourish when they can share their life with piggy friends. But many people who purchase cute tiny little potbellied piglets balk at the thought of more than one of the trendy cuties.

Willow in a stall.

Marshall’s Piggy Paradise knows just how to deal with “only-pig syndrome.” The good news is that with time and patience, Willow is remembering her piggy social skills and is making friends with the other residents.

Caregivers love this easy gal, and they know that someday soon, Willow will be adopted into a loving multi-piggy home of her own.

Caring for Pigs