Before the weather gets too cold, and the ground gets hard, Hermes and his human caregivers (and a volunteer or two) go on a wildlife stakeout.

This adventure involves Hermes investigating the sand and scrub just outside his Cat World cattery. All while closely supervised of course. Hermes can be surprisingly quick despite not having the use of his back legs.

Hermes stakes out a prime sandy location and just hopes an unwary gopher or lizard wanders by. So far the only thing that Hermes has gotten to pounce on was a pair of glasses and some sisal, but he doesn’t seem to mind one bit.

Hermes plays with glasses

All the fresh air and adventure does this boy some good, and he is soon tuckered out and ready to go inside for a long nap.

We all love Hermes to bits and enjoy caring for this special kitty very much. We hope that one day soon he’ll have a home of his own and a family to enjoy everyday adventures with.

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