A few years ago, Elwood was in the early days of his recovery. The world (especially the noises that accompany modern living) were terrifying.

Scared hound mix hides under bed

No matter how frightened Elwood was and no matter how many times caregivers had to coax Elwood out from under his bed, nobody in Dogtown ever thought of giving up on him.

Today Elwood is doing great. Dump trucks are a daily occurrence on the roads around the Sanctuary. Elwood doesn’t love them and probably never will, but he is no longer shattered by their rumbles. Caregivers and behavior consultants have helped Elwood gain confidence and learn to stay present and calm.

Elwood loves to 'shake'

Elwood likes to go on walks with volunteers on the Sanctuary trails. On these walks, he often acts as a canine mentor to his shy run mate, Annie Oakley. Together the dynamic duo takes on the sandy paths. They balance each other. Elwood loves people and shows Annie that people are great. Annie can be scared of people, but noises don’t bother her one bit. 

Better together, Elwood and Annie

Elwood is ready for a home of his own. That home will always need to keep in mind that there are still things that scare him. But he is so ready to love his family and enrich lives with his sweet and sometimes goofy ways. Got room for two great dogs? How about bringing Annie Oakley home, too.