Hodor is the kind of dog who loves people and is always thrilled to get visitors. But when 100 pounds of overexuberant white Labrador come hurtling at you, it’s enough to make anyone say “Whoa!” Although Hodor wanted to be friends with everyone, his unruly behavior kept people away. But with healthy doses of training, topped with his favorite treat, that’s all changed.

When Hodor first arrived at Dogtown, he knew only one way of saying hello to people. He launched himself at anyone who tried to come into his room or his yard and grabbed at their clothing with his teeth. He quickly discovered that this was a sure way to make people turn around and leave, so it was important that he learn a simple trick: When people come to his door, keep all four feet on the ground and wait. Then, the person he was so excited to see would come in and give him a treat — but not just any treat.

Dogtown staff realized that Hodor would do anything for a squirt of cheese from a can. All he had to do was figure out what’s being asked of him, and he’ll get some cheese. For the first time in the rambunctious dog’s life, things were beginning to make sense.

Canned cheese is Hodor's favorite treat.

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