Gerald is a hound mix with long legs, bright eyes and a penchant for mischief. This guy is funny and easy. But if you don’t give him a job to do or provide a way to keep his mind busy, he’s apt to find a job for himself.

Take, for instance, his recent foray into the horticultural practice of topiary. His run at the Garden has a few beautiful juniper trees which provide shade from the hot Utah sun. Well evidently Gerald felt that he didn’t have enough headroom to adequately get to that shady spot. So he took it upon himself to clear it up. Bedraggled limbs were removed and the juniper was “trimmed” until Gerald was satisfied with the design.

Oh Gerald, there are many food puzzles in your future, and just you wait until caregivers start doing nose work with you! How about agility? Gerald is going to excel at all kinds of fun sports that will help keep his mind active, his body strong, and help him channel all that energy into appropriate activities.

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