Update: Sadly Vince passed away over the weekend. It was very sudden, and his decline was very rapid. We are going to miss this sweet brave boy. ~Wendy

Vince loves sitting in the sun surrounded by his many kitty friends ― especially Teller. He is shy, but when Teller is getting human attention, Vince wants a little of that love, too. He will wander over, and “accidentally” allow a few fleeting soft pets. He then acts like that contact was purely a coincidence and that the silly human petting his friend Teller got a little over excited and pet him, too. He’ll retreat, groom himself and act nonchalant.

Vince and Teller in the sun.
Vince and Teller in the sun.


It’s a very sweet and somewhat furtive kind of interaction that can be dismissed easily if one doesn’t know about Vince’s background. Vince was one of 800 cats rescued as part of what is known as the Great Kitty Rescue of 2008. Vince was one of the cats that emerged from horrible conditions with little human contact. It’s been nine years, and his slow but steady progress is a testament to consistent and kind exposure to humans who care deeply about his well-being.

Once someone does learn about Vince’s early years, it is nearly impossible to resist spending more time at Morgaine’s (a location in Cat World). Volunteers and visitors will sit quietly in his room hoping for another opportunity to gently touch Vince and demonstrate that people are good. He wants to believe, and he’s moving toward that belief slowly but surely.

We are certain that someone will fall in love with Vince, and that it won’t be an accident. He would flourish in a loving home of his own with one or more kitty companions. Until that day arrives, we will love and care for Vince and delight in the progress he makes in his own fashion and at his own pace.