The journey from a sedentary lifestyle to an active one is a marathon and not a sprint.  Angelique has been battling the bulge (with help from caregivers and our veterinary staff) since she arrived at the Sanctuary in the autumn of 2014. You can read more about Angelique here.

I visited with her recently at Sinjin's House, Cat World's weight-loss building. Slow and steady progress is the key, and while Angelique is still “sturdy,” there is a feisty glimmer in her shiny eyes and she plays like a kitten with the slightest invitation.

Angelique has a glimmer in her eye and loves to play.

So if you want a fitness buddy to keep you company, and you don't mind helping Ms. Angelique continue her trek to a healthy goal weight, she's right here ready to cross that finish line with you!

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