Abner is still king of the mailroom, but his crown may be in jeopardy. His recent performance review mentioned that his superior attitude is noticeable, he doesn’t take constructive criticism well and when he’s “in a mood,” he’s known for knocking things to the floor.

Abner looking at a project plan


While his coworkers smile and put up with his shenanigans, they feel that he might just need a new challenge in his life to keep him occupied. A work-from-home position would be ideal — preferably your home. Abner already makes his own hours, can sleep unsupervised and will, when the mood strikes him, keep lizards from hiding in the corners.


All kidding aside: Abner is not likely to lose his job at the mail center, but everyone really wishes someone would adopt this great cat. He has some chronic medical issues that require special attention, but he is so worth it and will pay you back with laughter and love.