Kiki is a happy little dog. While on a recent visit to Dogtown Heights, I took this jet black petite girl for a walk. She was eager to hit the trail and she checked every shrub and tree branch for her favorite nemesis — lizards. But no matter how hard our dogs search, winter at the Sanctuary means no lizards. They will be back in the spring, but until then Kiki will have to turn her attention toward other hobbies — like training. Basic manners and crate training are on the agenda for the Utah winter, and maybe some agility, too.

Kiki with her dachshund friend

Kiki arrived at the Sanctuary in September 2017. She had been with a network partner in Arizona, but because she has special needs, she was hard for them to place. Kiki suffered some type of injury in the past that left her incontinent. It’s hard to say if she has any control at all, but sometimes she seems to be able to “go” normally. On the bright side, Kiki is small, so cleaning her up in the sink is pretty easy, and she would probably adapt to a diaper, something that would make snuggling on the couch much easier.

While Kiki has settled into the rhythm of life in Dogtown, our veterinarians continue to zero in on her medical situation to see if any type of physical therapy or medication can help with little her leaks. Even if we can’t “fix” her, we know that there is a home out there that will love this bright little dog just the way she is.

Kiki loves walking and looking for lizards

Until then, we will love Kiki and care for her. We’ll take her out every day to look for lizards, and we’ll help her live the best life, full of fun, treats and lots of kisses.