Walks are an exciting part of any dog’s day. Nothing beats time outdoors in the fresh air, stretching legs and sniffing every post and tree. Sometimes, though, the excitement gets to be a bit too much.

No problem for Phinny. To curb his enthusiasm when he sees a leash, he’s been trained to grab his favorite toy, because a toy-filled mouth doesn’t grab at a leash. So, just as Linus has a security blanket, Phinny has a Tuffy UltBone. Well, that’s his current favorite plaything. It recently arrived in a care package from a Sanctuary volunteer who adores Phinny. She’s not alone. Phinny has a fan club and regularly receives packages of treats.

With toy in mouth, Phinny is ready to go. And as quick as he is to grab it, he doesn’t necessarily hold onto it for long. In fact, once there are plenty of other distractions, the toy is sometimes forgotten like yesterday’s trash. That’s when the person on the other end of the leash holds a duty of utmost importance — grabbing the toy for the next time that Phinny heads out for a walk.

As much as he loves his walks at the Sanctuary, he’d love taking a walk with his very own person even more. Phinny is a solo artist, he’s free to adopt and even his flight to his new home is on the house.

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