Nuece is wonderful in so many ways. From our initial meeting at Dogtown headquarters to riding with him in the car and finally having a sleepover together, he was a delight.


He’s a sweet old boy who loves to cuddle, snores loudly, and enjoys the simple things in life. He spends much of his time at Dogtown headquarters where he’s an office dog. When we asked about having a sleepover dog for a day, Nuece’s caregivers recommended him. I am so glad we decided to spend time with this boy.

Nuece hanging out on a sleepover

As soon as he got in the car, he laid down in my husband’s lap and was a complete gentleman on the ride back to the cottages. As we walked a bit around the trails, Nuece liked to take in the sights and walked leisurely while he stuck his nose in the air smelling for nearby deer. We learned quickly that he could scope out a deer far more quickly than we could, and we watched him to alert us to new visitors.


Nuece eagerly but gently played with a couple of his special toys. He shared the couch and bed with us and made himself very comfortable. His snoring was so adorable, and it let us know he was relaxed and content as he slept through the night. He ate his breakfast from a food puzzle to help him slow down.


We understood that Nuece was in a home, but his owner passed away. He has wonderful manners and he would love to spend the rest of his days cuddling in the loving arms of another human.