Volunteers took part in a fundraising contest during the 2017 Strut Your Mutt festivities at the Sanctuary. The contest was to crown the most popular sleepover dog. While many wonderful dogs were in the running, the fact that Postre took the prize was no surprise to any of his many fans. Caregivers and volunteers agree, Postre is a fantastic dog.

Postre (nicknamed Hank by his many close personal friends) is a  big boy who came to the Sanctuary in August of 2016. He’s a mastiff mix who is as easygoing with people as he is large. He’s practically perfect. Hank loves being with people. He has fantastic manners and he doesn’t even try to mooch people food. He is quite content with yummy dog treats and belly rubs. He just loves life and that simple happiness is infectious. 

Hank is picky about dog friends and can be reactive toward other animals. He is generally easy to redirect when another animal catches his eye, but his forever family will need to keep track of him to make sure he doesn’t get too excited. And if you don’t have a king-size bed for this king-size boy to share, there could be trouble. He is a notorious bed-hog.

So while nobody was surprised that Postre was named “king,” the next title we want for him is “adopted.”  

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