Does Avon do that anymore? Well, this Avon does. And she's very polite about it. I met Avon at the dog park with her caregivers. It was a bright sunny day, and all of us had a little extra pep in our step ― some slush, too, as we've had a very wet winter here in the dry desert.

Avon was a puppy here at the Sanctuary and due to reported “on leash reactivity” she was returned as an adult. Avon is sensitive and a bit nervous. So when she feels insecure, she tries to be big and bold. Her caregivers report that she is now a dream to walk, but she'll need someone who can remind her that she doesn't need to fret and fall back into bad habits when she’s out walking.

After scouting the dog park, Avon decided it was time to check me out. Avon can be a little worried about strangers. But I guess I wasn't any stranger than the usual crew, because it wasn't long before we were friends. This girl is smart! She showed me all kinds of tricks, and then she leaned in and just had some loving on this bright chilly day.

Avon is an energetic smart heeler mix

Avon has a few chronic medical issues. She’s on a special diet for a sensitive stomach, and she’s had a portion of her intestine removed. She takes some supplements to help with digestion, too. 

If you think Avon might be the one for you, please adopt her! If you'd like to help her out while we look for the perfect family for her, please consider sponsoring this wonderful dog.