On a sleepover we learned that Bluto has a unique language that takes only a short time to learn. Once you understand his vocabulary, you’ll know exactly what he’s saying. For example, drooling means “I’m happy and I am making bubbles.” Snoring means “I am so content to be in a comfy bed.”

Bluto enjoyed walking and he would stick his nose into the air to take in the smells around him, and to alert his human walking buddies that a bunny or a deer was nearby. After a long stroll, Bluto was an exceptional napper and was happy to share a lounging place with us. He also was exceedingly polite and he received and gave affection freely to us by seeking pets and nuzzling. Once he got to know us, he squealed with delight and wiggled his bottom whenever he saw us!

Bluto is ready for a forever home. Are you ready to learn the language of Bluto?

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