Anita is a striking female long-haired kitty who’s normally a bit reserved. But when a volunteer finds her favorite toy (a feather at the end of a wand), she turns into a tornado.


It is like a switch gets flipped between elegant empress and wild child. But it’s really healthy to cut loose and have some fun — for humans and felines.

Anita playing with a feather toy.

Anita lost her home due to an eviction, and the transition to living at the Sanctuary has been a big adjustment. That’s why discovering a way to relieve Anita’s stress and burn off some energy has been a wonderful thing. She’s more “chill” now that she has rediscovered her kitten side. And she’s more outgoing: The once-reluctant part wallflower is stepping forward and meeting more potential adopters.


While the right one hasn’t yet come along, we have no doubt that soon this beautiful and easy cat will be adopted into a loving home that contains all the feather toys she could ever desire.