Indian ring-necked parakeets have the most amazing plumage and gorgeous long-feathered tails. Gray Dancer, with her soft green and gray feathers, is a pretty as a picture and would give any artist pause to admire her beauty. She almost looks airbrushed and not quite real. But Gray Dancer is most definitely real, and she’s had some real sadness in her past. 

In 2012 when her owner suddenly died, Gray was brought to the Sanctuary. Gray was absolutely beside herself and wasn’t inclined to trust the new people thrust into her life. Fortunately, caregivers at Parrot Garden knew just what she needed — time to heal and a nurturing, patient environment.

Parrots choose their people, and even though Gray Dancer is small, the list of things she likes is pretty big. Gray prefers women with dark hair and glasses.

Gray Dancer loves women with dark hair and glasses...caregiver Lisa is just perfect!

Now that’s not to say that someone else couldn’t win her heart, but time and time again, the humans that Gray gravitates to have those particular traits.

The good news is that there are lots of folks who wear glasses and have dark hair, so the pool is pretty large. Now we just have to get the message out that Gray Dancer is ready to love again, and hope that soon she can once again have a loving home of her very own.