Let’s talk about getting old: Shall we? Humans cringe as the years pass. But what if we had no concept or tracker of how old we were? What if numbers didn’t exist and we based our actions on how we felt and truly lived in the moment?

There is no more shining example of this concept than Sherman. He may be listed as 10 years old, but none of us have let him in on that secret. Sherman is a favorite tour dog at the Sanctuary. Visitors are welcomed by his wagging tail and enjoy his zest for life.

When he greets tours, Sherman proudly demonstrates his bag of tricks. Everyone gets a kick out of how food-motivated and attentive he is. His twinkling eyes follow the treat pouch as he bounces from visitor to visitor. Sherman does not disappoint. From sit, down, spin and speak to shake, he knows them all. Visitors are left wondering if Sherman really is a senior, or if he is just a pup with a gray muzzle. Sherman’s not telling. He loves the attention.

Sherman teaches us all a lesson: that age is just a number. He lives life to the fullest every day, relishes walks with volunteers, loves golf cart rides with his caregivers and never misses an opportunity to schmooze with his hydrotherapy technician. While he has a fun time and a good life here at the Sanctuary, our dream for Sherman is the same one we have for all the animals in our care: a home of his very own.

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