Milagro came to the Sanctuary from a rescue group in Arizona. He’d been fending for himself near a prep school on the Navajo reservation. Milagro looks older than his estimated eight years. His body is a patchwork of scars from healed wounds. Some of them are small and probably were minor. Others though are very large and must have once been awful injuries. He has a scar that wraps around his neck that looks like it might have been caused by an embedded collar.

Of course, we don’t know for sure and Milagro isn’t telling, but despite whatever happened in his past, Milagro is enjoying his “right now.” Now is awesome! He’s got a soft bed to snore on, plenty of food, and every ache and pain is being treated by caring vets.

He loves people and greets new friends very politely. He is a gentle guy through and through, and we have no doubt that the Sanctuary will continue to work some healing magic on Milagro. He seems so grateful for his life now. We can’t imagine it will be too long before he finds a family of his own.

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