Fiero and Lucky are two mules who recently joined the herd at Horse Haven.

Most likely, these two are brother and sister and in their early 20s. They came to the Sanctuary from Moab, Utah, when their prior home could no longer care for them.

We are getting to know these long-eared friends, and they are getting accustomed to the daily rhythms of life in the canyon. Fiero is the more outgoing of the pair and likes to bray at friendly people who approach his fence. That raucous sound echoes off the canyon walls and brings a smile to everyone's face.

Timid Lucky curiously watches

Fiero and Lucky have joined Speedy and Chuck in one of the cutest herds anywhere. Certainly, someone will come along and adopt these two kindhearted mules and take them home. But until then, visitors, volunteers, and staff will enjoy this corral of long-eared friends.