Lightfoot shortly after his arrivalWhen Lightfoot first arrived at the Sanctuary in 2015, he was bedraggled. His poor ears and neck were a patchwork of scabs. Lightfoot was a community cat, but not all his scrapes could be attributed to his life on the streets. Most of them were his own doing.

The trip from Philadelphia to the Sanctuary was a long one, but the hope was that at the end of the journey our clinic could find the source of Lightfoot’s irritation and bring the bright sweet tuxedo cat some relief and healing. Caregivers and clinicians worked together to help Lightfoot feel better, and all that hard work has been worth it. 

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On a recent visit to Cat World HQ to check in on Lightfoot, it was apparent that he is healthy and happy. A bright shiny coat and clear sparkling eyes are proof positive that excellent veterinary care, loving caregivers and strict adherence to his allergy-specific diet has helped him tremendously. Sometimes caregivers wonder if Lightfoot doesn’t have a tiny smidge of bloodhound in him. No cat at Cat World does a better job finding contraband (meaning not allergy-approved) treats than Lightfoot. He is notorious and lightning fast!

Lightfoot and caregiver Dale share a laugh

Lightfoot is ready for a home of his own with a family who will love him as much as we do. They will have to be vigilant about his diet and know that he may need to see the vet more frequently than a cat who doesn’t have allergies. He is so worth it. His sweet slow blinks and his playful antics are heart melting. Lightfoot is a special cat. We enjoy taking care of this guy and will certainly miss him once he is adopted, but he belongs in a home, purring up a storm at the foot of some very lucky person’s bed.