Livvi is a cuddly cat, with more than her fair share of chronic medical issues. Livvi greets visitors with lavish affection. She is never happier than when she is snuggled into the lap of someone willing to pet her belly. But Livvi needs a very special home.

Livvi has an inoperable mass in that sweet fuzzy belly. The mass doesn’t cause her any pain, but between the mass and having inflammatory bowel disease, she is inconsistent with her litter box habits.

Livvi waiting at the door of the laundry room

Everyone wants Livvi to have a home of her own, with her very own people. In the meantime, caregivers and volunteers carve “Livvi only” time into their day and in a quiet corner of the laundry room (Livvi’s favorite place to hang out), you can find her blissfully strewn across a lap enjoying every minute of their gentle attention.