On a crisp fall afternoon I met Do-si-do and took her for a stroll. She is on restricted activity while she heals from recent veterinary care but she was eager to push the imposed limits given to her. Once on the trail Do-si-do tried to convince me that the arrow pointing out the short trail path was wrong by tugging me toward the longer loop ― sneaky, but it wasn’t my first day in Dogtown.

Do-si-do tugs to take the longer path

While walking with Do, she lifted her face to the sun and sniffed the air with interest. The shrubbery on the trail was inspected and her forehead furrowed with concentration as she made her way around the path. There is something so special about senior dogs. The wrinkles on her head made me think of a map, and wonder what her life before Best Friends was like.

Wrinkles on Do-si-do's forehead resemble a map

Do-si-do reached her 13th birthday around the same time that Hurricane Irma reached Florida. In anticipation of the hurricane, she was evacuated from a shelter and made her way to the Sanctuary here in Utah.

That was a lot of excitement for the senior girl, but her bright eyes hinted that the flurry of activity was no big deal. Also no big deal is that Do-si-do appears to be deaf. Caregivers are convinced she can hear some sounds, like dinner being made or the distribution of treats in another section of her octagon home. Of course, she could just be a wise old girl who knows how “selective hearing” works. It doesn’t really matter. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of meals or treats around here so Do-si-do never has to worry about that again.

Enjoying the sun and fresh air
While her past is a bit of a mystery, her future isn’t. She escaped a terrible storm, is now getting great veterinary care and eating nutritious food. Do-si-do has a mountain of soft blankets and no shortage of gentle hands to pet her. 13 is a very lucky number for Do. It's the birthday that brought her into the arms of loving people at the Sanctuary. And hopefully, long before she hits her 14th birthday, she’ll have a home of her very own to live out the rest of her sweet days.